Stripe Webhook Authentication Error

I’m setting up a stripe webhook to listen for subscription cancellations.

I successfully initialized the webhook and sent data from Stripe to Bubble.

Then, I removed the “Initialize” at the end of my endpoint URL and tested it again.

This time Stripe gave me an error…


“error_class”: “Unauthorized”,
“args”: {
“code”: “1647185057144x214012127239536540”
“message”: null,
“translation”: “You must authenticate to call this method”

I have the stripe app and the stripe.js app installed with the correct keys - is there something else I need to do to Authenticate?


Hi there @ian11,

In your backend workflow you need to let it run without authentication.


Doh! Of course. So simple… thank you!

Is this a good practice?
API worflows which are activated by stripe webhooks deal with payments and sensitive data. Don’t want anybody who isnt stripe activating this workflow. There must be a way to check for authentication.

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I haven’t figure out a way to pass in a key in stripe for the webhook.

Second to this, I had the same problem but it was due to my account being on the FREE version of bubble. Upgrade and you should see a difference if you’ve tried the authentication without prevail.

You can do this but it’s unsecured. ANyone can pretend to be stripe and send data to your endpoint.
Read posts on ‘authenticating’ stripe webhooks for workarounds