Stripe Webhook requires manual Resend to update user profile

I’m using Stripe API plug in and have set up my web hooks and API keys to allow users to create/manage subscriptions.

When a user subscribes to the service, the payment is completed in stripe, I can see the event in my webhooks, but the users account is not updated to the new plan. When I select “Resend” on the webhook event in Stripe, the users account is automatically updated in bubble to the new plan.

I’ve tried waiting to see if it will update automatically over time, but nothing happens unless I manually Resend the webhook event from Stripe.

Any recommendations on how to get the event to automatically update in bubble when the payment is completed and the new plan is authorized?

Did you find any solution yet, because i am facing the same issue.

My guess is that the webhook is triggered before bubble has a chance to receive the customer ID from stripe. You can check the server logs to verify this. What you can do is create an api workflow with all the actions you want to take when the webhook is triggered. In the webhook api workflow you remove all actions and schedule the api workflow immediately if you find a user with the customer id or with a 5 second delay if no user is found with that customer id