Structure of Database of User Settings (Notifications)

Hello! I’m struggling to figure out what the best structure for my database would be for alllwoing users to choose whether they receive a notification or not. I have workflows that trigger a notification to recipients, with both inapp notification and email. As tyhere are multiple recipeints to some functions, setting up a single field on each user as a yes/no to allow notifications does not work as some may want notificvations and others may not, and if one doesn’t, having a parameter in “only when” such as user has notifications as yes would prevent all recipients receiving the notification.

My issue is that I would also like users to have a choice over what specific functions they recieve notifications for.

I am wondering if I should have a yes / no data point in every user profile, such as:


Or, is it better to have a NotificationEmail and NotificationAp dataset, with each function listed and one field also being a user (only a single user, not a list).

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Yeah, have a datatype for notification_settings (you probably don’t need two separate types), with a field for User (you can also have a notification_settingsfield on the User datatype), then just have yes/no fields for the different types of notifications (or you could use an option set for notification types, and set that as a list on the notification_sattings datatype).

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