Need help notifications workflow

i need help setting up the follow and notifications workflow to send notifications to a user when the person they are following posts? i have made data types in the following way so far that i have collected from discussions in the forum but i cant seem to make the right connections.

data type
user following>list of users
requested followers>list of users

data type
notification message>text

what am i missing here, please give detail in your reply e.g state where the workflow should begin and things like that…?i want my app to send notification to users who are followers of other users. one more thing i want a notifications displaying as a number on my notifications icon see image below

@withabed Please share a test page and break down into smaller questions on the exact behavior you would like to see and how you tried to implement it. We can then give you more detailed suggestions.

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@neerja here is my test app. what i did was setup a workflow so that users can follow each other on my app. im not so sure if its working but on my database it does show that user who is following who. now i just want a way to notify a user if the person that they are following posts something and they are notified :bell: