Struggling to organize repeating groups

Hi everyone,

I’m having a hard time moving elements inside repeating groups, I can’t find how to move them with the keyboard, and when i move anything with the mouse it gets the elements out of the repeating groups and breaks the data…

I would like to move the elements of this group a little bit higher but as soon as I do they get out of the repeating group, is there a more precise way to move elements around ? to select the parents etc … ? right now it seems everything is so fragile…

Also, how could I attach the size of the columns of the repeating groups to the size of the column title (#, email, plan, etc … ) ?

Thank you in advance to anyone that can help.


Ya, this happens. My process is typically to drop all the fields into the repeating group using a single large row like @romanmg mentioned. Make it very tall. Once all the fields are in, select them all and group together so you can move as a group. To move the fields around, i use the keyboard… Just select and move with arrows… Holding the shift key make them move faster.

After you have these to your looking, there is an option on the properties to prevent inadvertent dragging. You then resize the repeating group and change the row and column settings to fit your need.

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Thank you @mebeingken ! the keyboard does work indeed i was just not pushing long enough… still, this organization is far from intuitive sometimes, but i’m making progress !

Thanx for the help :slight_smile: