Struggling with Camera Native Plugin URL speed

I’m trying to allow users to open the native camera and take a picture and then I want to save the image URL to Airtable. I’m using the CameraNative plugin and the steps below work but they are excruciatingly slow. Does anyone know if there’s a faster way?

  1. User clicks button which triggers workflow to open NativeCamera A
  2. A different workflow event fires when NativeCamera A Captured photo. It then Creates a Thing and saves the NativeCamera’s Bubble URL Image to the Bubble database. Once that’s complete, it sets a Button (Submit Button) state with the url (this is because I need to hide the Submit Button until the URL is available).
  3. Once the Submit Button is visible and clicked by the user, the final workflow is triggered to create a new record in airtable with the URL.

It seems like the slowest step here is Create a Thing but not sure how to get around this.

@renatoasse perhaps you will be able to share some wisdom

What are the file sizes of the images you upload?
What does excruciatingly slow mean for you?

I’ve tried with images between 61KB and 1.5MB. It’s hugely variable though even when using the same file size. Sometimes it takes 2 seconds which is fine, but many times it takes 10ish seconds. We might be able to chalk it up to network speed? :woman_shrugging:

one idea I had to solve this was to simply use the current date/time as the image name and then set the Button element state to the current date/time. That way the workflow can move on without waiting for creating a thing to complete. Then I would need to fill in the bubble URL string on airtable, but I don’t actually see a pattern for the bubble URL string. it looks like it’s No idea what the two ?s are since they’re not consistent across images saved.

The two x’s make up the files unique id. The true unique identifier for the file in your cloud bucket and they absolutely are unpredictable.

To not wait for a wf to complete, consider throwing it to the backend instead of processing on the frontend.

Sometimes mobile uploads are just stupidly slow. Might not be a true bubble issue but rather an issue with web architecture for mobile devices.

Also, resizing a file before upload can help reduce that time, but this is only effective when resizing images is acceptable.

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Hey @jtolive,

If you’re having any trouble using one of our plugins, we can try to help. But in order for us to help, you must:

  1. Create a test page simulating the problems that are occurring. Remove from this page all elements and workflows that are not related to the error.
  2. Set the application rights to “Everyone can view” (Settings - General - Application Rights - Everyone can view)
  3. Send us the editor’s link and tell us step-by-step how to reproduce the problem you are experiencing.

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Thank you both, appreciate it!