New Plug in Android and IOS Camera

Hi we have launch an awesome plug in

This will solve all the record issue for bubble in IOS and Android interface. We have work very hard to launch this plug in :). Gogogo

The Native Camera plugin for allows you to open the native camera app on Android and iOS devices directly from your Bubble app. With this plugin, you can add camera functionality to your app without having to build a custom camera interface.

Once the user has taken a photo or video, the plugin will automatically return the file to your Bubble app, where you can store it in a database or use it in other ways.

To use the Native Camera plugin, simply install it in your app and add the “Open Camera” button to your interface. You can customize the button’s properties to specify the camera options, such as image quality and camera type.


Opens the native camera app on Android and iOS devices

Integrates seamlessly with apps

Supports photo and video capture

Automatic file upload to your Bubble app

Customizable camera options

Demo link

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What is the behaviour on desktop?

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It just open your uploading screen if used in a laptop or desktop

I dont see the link to the plugin? Can you provide the link or the name to search for? Also what is the list of custom feature/options we can add to the camera?

@scaleuptech , thanks for the awesome app. Once the image is saved in the workflow, how do you get the image url? I can see a very long image string is saved to the database, but how do you get the shortened url? For context, my intention is to save the image url to a field in airtable, but the url is empty.

Does this plugin work, when the app is wrapped, let’s say with BDK or another wrapper?

Is there away to test this plug-in for free before buying it?

I would suggest to subscribe to try out. Upon cancellation the monthly cost is calculated prorata temporis, so a few dozens of cents for a few days.

If you need to upload the image/video(long image string) to bubble database using file to base 64 plugin(FREE). Then, you will receive a URL. You can follow the example link below.

It was tested and work with zeroqode wrapper. However, it does not work with BDK.

Updated Plugin to enable photo taking

Where can I find the “Open Camera” button or at least a place where I can set the camera’s properties as the video quality is really poor.