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Struggling with "type of content" in repeating groups

So, I’m trying to utilize a repeating group to display a list of items.
Above this repeating group that has 3 buttons.
I change the state of the parent group when I click on one of these buttons.
What I want to have happen is the data source to change in the repeating group when I do this.

I am using Xano as my back end, and I have a get api that gives me a list of projects that are filtered as uncompleted, I have another get api that gets the same items but filters them by completed first.

When I try to change the data source on the repeating group, they are considered to different types of content. One is considered “active projects” and one is considered “completed”.

I’m not sure if I can manually categorize them as the same type of content, or what the issue may be.

Any help is much appreciated.

I’m not familiar with Xano, but can you create a single API call that filters based on either a query string parameter or path parameter?


Yes, I believe so, I think was just looking into that functionality, which what I did see, seemed to solve my problem. But that is currently above my skill cap.