Sending Data from a repeating group to another of different Type of content

I created a repeating group (of type categories) displaying categories. I want when the user clicks on one of the categories another repeating group (of type Store) will display all the stores the contain that category.

My problem is that I do not know how to tell the stores repeating group which stores to display based on which category was clicked.

My guess is that I can’t send data from one repeating group to the other because they are of different types.
Can someone please help? I am stuck and I don’t know what to do.

You can use custom states. When a User clicks on the cell of the Category, use a workflow and an action to set a custom state on the page element that is of type Category and set it to current cell’s Category. Then in the Store repeating group have it to only display the item’s that have the same category as the one in the custom state. Then you can use conditionals to show all items if the custom state is empty and so forth.

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I appreciate your response, I grouped all the elements in the repeating group cell and I gave the group a costum states of type (categories), then I created a workflow that when that group is clicked the costum state will be equal the current cell’s category. I set the data source of the repeating group to be equal the value of the costum state but still for some reason it is not working and nothing is showing.

You can’t use the Group within the Repeating Group to set the state. It must be a custom state set on an element outside the RG.