Stuck building a plugin - HTML to PPTX (via pptxgenJS)

Hi all,

I am (naively?) trying to create my first plugin to use pptxGenJS to convert html to pptx. My reason is simple, I need a way to allow my users to export their work into a presentation. The HTML is produced automatically from a few nested repeating groups. I am stuck now at the plugin part. I’d appreciate some guidance / pointers on what I’ve done wrong! If I get it right, I’ll share a new, unique, free plugin, obviously. (I didn’t find one that does this).


The support docs state:

` // STEP 1: Instantiate
let pptx = new PptxGenJS();

// STEP 2: Provide HTML Element ID and options
pptx.tableToSlides('htmlTableId', { x: 1.0, y: 1.0, w:10 });

// STEP 3: Create Presentation
pptx.writeFile({ fileName: 'table2slides_demo.pptx' });


So I added this to create a new Action and have this in the action code.

It needs to call the JS file so I uploaded it so the shared assets and added the file/library into the HTML header space:

<script src="//"></script>

but when running, I just get errors!

The plugin PptxGenJS / action createPPTX threw the following error: @
@ (please report this to the plugin author)

Guidance: HTML-to-PowerPoint | PptxGenJS

I’ve got a plugin, currently private, happy to invite your app or you as a collaborator.

I think for my first plugin, I may be stretching my learning capacity - but hey if you don’t try…


Why not cdn ?
Do you face the same error when used with their cdn too ?

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I’d start by importing from the jsdeliver cdn as suggested in their own documentation

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Hi both - yep this seems to have unblocked it! Thank you for both of you to take a look at this. It’s exciting.

I updated the script header to the CDN and now I’m table to get the first version sending a pptx to me. Just looking now at variables and making it a bit smarter.

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Delighted to report Ive published the plugin and while there’s a lot that could go into it - it’s the first HTML table to PowerPoint PPTX slides plugin out there for Bubble users.

(note: it seems to be redirecting to the bubble apps home, but it is public so will review in a few hours).

Perhaps this is normal - but I have a more extensive version running on my own app and the more I learn, the more I’ll try to push back into this plugin. If anyone wants to collaborate LMK! :heart:

Hey @manipaje - did you ever get this published? I can’t seem to find anything at the link above. Looks cool.


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Thanks @tmxl I have submitted version 1 for approval but since then: :cricket:

I wonder if it’s because the plugin is too simple for it to get approved? I would advance it further but I solved the problem and being a startup founder reduces the amount of time I can put into things like this (just being honest!)

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Crickets indeed. No worries at all, just have a future project idea that may involve this plugin - nothing urgent. Hoping it gets approved sometime soon for you. Best of luck with your start up :saluting_face: