Stuck converting an active shop cart to completed and submitted order

I am attempting to make an “online shop” and I have everything working how I would like but I am running into an issue with the checkout process. It checks to make sure there isn’t a cart created already, if there is, then it adds the item to the existing cart. Otherwise, it will create a cart and add that item to it as the first item in that cart. Again, this all works great and I have not found any bugs with it yet.

My issue begins when I am trying to have them “Submit the order”. I need the list of items to be copied from their “Cart Items” to a “Submitted orders” category so its easier for sorting/viewing (I think). Once the list of items is copied from the users Cart, I then have it set to delete that cart so its ready for the next time they may need to purchase something. My problem is I do not know how to copy a varying size list from one data type to another. I have attached a couple screenshots of the database sections that I am working with.

Any help is greatly appreciated! I would love to make it beyond this step.
Thank you!

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