Cart items duplicated


I have an online store for my clothing company. When a user checks out it changes the items in their cart from “visible=yes” to “visible=no”, this is so the order can be stored in the database without losing the data of the cart at the time.

The problem is whenever a order is placed the same items in the users cart get duplicated. Im not sure why - I have no workflow to make a copy/create a new cart… (It also makes the duplicated version “visible=yes”. This is expect because by default “visible” is Yes.

I don’t think i need any screen shots for this.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Without stepping it through on the debugger … Not a clue why.

It will be something in your app, no doubt. Maybe when you are doing the update? Does it create the new things then as it can’t find the existing ones?

I figured it out.

It’s because i have the “copy” work flow included in my checkout event. I didn’t know that the “copy” action created new things…

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