Stuck when Building Calculator

I am just started to learn bubble and I tried some beginner level task through bubble. But I stuck when I tried to build calculator app. When button is clicked the number is inserted into text/input field and perform action as per arithmetic sign is provided.

What calculation do you need specifically, I might be able to create a private plugin for you that handles the calculation.

@nocodeventure I am trying to build calculator app like how simple calculator works using basic arithmetic operations, but not able to add numbers in text/input field using buttons and then how will perform operation as per button clicked

ah ok, then pardon what I said before.

Hi @narendra.bhangale ,

Have you set the input content to number or decimal?

Hi @hadirs ,
yes Input is set as decimal, there is option to use plugin instant calculator but I don’t know how to use/setup. Please help me how to use instant calculator plugin