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Instant phone calculator in

Please pick a subcategory to help organize the information. Thanks!
:relaxed: can someone help me in how to build an instant phone calculator in

Sorry, but what is this?

i mean i wanted to build a calculator app,

something like this.
i have tried all my effort but i didn’t get it so i would be glad if you could help me with that…please :pray:

You can do it using Custom States and simple math operations…

Take a look in this video to understand more about Custom States:

What is your main issue with it?

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thanks, i will get back to you :relaxed:

You can use the Math.js offline plugin to support calculation

really? how does it work

please how can i append the numbers into the input element :cry:


One example of one way to approach this:

  • create a popup that you will never open
  • add two groups of type number
  • name each group respectively as “data first number” and “data second number”
  • build the calculator on the page using square groups … for the numbers make each of them of type number and their data source each respective number … and for multiplication add a group of no type and a text with an “X” and call it “times”
  • let’s say that you want to multiply 9 times 8 …
  • on click of group number 9 use the action display to group and send the number 9 to the “data first number” … and on click of number 8 do the same but send it to “data second number” … you will now have stored numbers 8 and 9 in each of those groups
  • add a third group to the popup that multiplies DFN times DSN and have it be a source of data to the area where you show the result

… the above is an oversimplification of one of many approaches to take for this … and it lacks logic to identify first click va second click … and more! … but it is intended to shed a bit of light of one way to approach your project

Best of luck :wink:

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