Sub App Collaboration

Hi there!

I’m a developer for someone who’s paying for a Team plan. We’ve been collaborating and all is well.

Then came sub-apps…

After making a sub app the sub app was on the hobby plan. Do we need to pay for each Sub-app separately? I was under the impression they are linked with the Team Plan. And we also can’t collaborate because the sub-app is on the hobby plan.

Please help! Was I misunderstanding?

As far as I know, each app needs to have it’s own plan. Plans used to be by user account, but last year they changed it to be per app.

If that’s the case why are sub-apps limited to the Team plan?

If each sub-app has it’s own paid plan there’s no reason to limit it to the Team plan.

I have based my whole business model on sub-apps included in one team-plan. I checked the forums b4 considering Plus the pricing states nothing about sub-apps being individually costed. If this was the case, then this would be extremely misleading.

Sub app are not charged individual as they are a duplicate of the original app and are hosted within the original app. The real world name is sub domain

@jobs and @chris12 for sub apps, only the main (parent) application needs to be on a “Team” plan. However, any sub (child) application can be on a personal plan or above.

If you reach a point where you have many sub apps, I recommend reaching out to Bubble directly for a custom solution.

Each sub app is effectively running as its own stand-alone application. (The main benefit of the sub app relationship is the ability to deploy changes from the parent app to a series of other applications).

I’ve done a fair bit of work with sub apps and agree that the documentation could be stronger. Feel free to send me follow-up questions. Also happy to communicate this with the Bubble team on how to make the pricing more transparent.

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