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Sub application information is patchy

Hi Bubblies!

I’m wondering if there are any sub app tutorials out there? I have a situation where a client needs a separate database and I find the information on the forum a little bit patchy and unclear.

Before I upgrade my account I would like to at least have a clear understanding of how sub apps work and if I can integrate with my application.

Any pushes in the right direction would be really appreciated.

Thanks y’all

Tim Garrett

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Hello Tim,

I assume that the operation of sub-apps is the same as on a dedicated server. The database is therefore separated (even if it is actually hosted on the same server) from other applications. The main application is pushed to sub-apps. You have to pay for the plugins for each sub-app.

Thanks John

Sorry I have not replied earlier I’ve been on holiday. Will I have to pay for the sub application also? Or does it sit under the existing plan?

Each sub-app has to be on its own plan, unless you’re using a dedicated server and you squeeze all your apps onto that plan.