Subdomains question

Is subdomains only different in the database, or can you have different programming on the subdomain? for example you have a private lable using your white labeled software but needs a specific feature not appropriate for the main domain.

When you’re utilizing Bubble’s subapps feature, you have a parent application and child applications. The child applications each function as their own distinct Bubble application. Given that, they have their own independent database.

Once you make something a child application, it’s effectively based on a template of the parent app. You could choose to make a granular feature change to one of the child apps. However, if you make changes to the parent app and want to push them to the child app, it overwrites any interim changes you made to the child app.

If possible, I recommend building in the specific feature to your overall platform, but only exposing the feature if it is “turned on” for that user/rollup account (via some Boolean condition).


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