Are Sub Apps good for my situation?

Hi Bubblers

Im developing an application where by a user signs up there organisation and pays for an account. When the organisation is signed up they are all saved in my Bubble DB under a type called Organisations. Easy piezy lemon squeezey!

I was talking to my developer friend whom is a non bubble believer! And he mentioned to me that some organisations will not sign up to my application because there data will be stored in the same DB as all other Organisations which sign up. They will have to have there own DB.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can handle this without having to spend hours managing lots of separate applications. As I can see it becoming a burden otherwise.

I was reading about sub apps but I did not really understand it. I was wondering if any one could put some clarification around it and wonder if it’s viable for my situation?

Tim Garrett.

In my case I have an app with over 50 sub-apps and even though there is management time on the front-end to create the sub-app and launch it under a custom domain, the business model supports this cost of time and human effort. I intend to grow to thousands of sub-apps in the future and believe Bubble will have better management tools in place as I continue to reach some scale (already received rough quotes for sponsored Bubble functionality in this area).

If you’re trying to onboard more than 20 new clients per week, you will find it difficult using sub-apps without the help from additional people. There is just no quick way about it.

In my experience most corps/orgs do not know what they need. Most use shared databases all the time and don’t even acknowledge or realize it. It also depends on your industry’s regulations. There are many arguments against the “have to have their own DB” side of things as this assumes a separate DB is more secure than one massive shared DB “just because”. Your data privacy role settings, the API-related workflows in Bubble and the trust of your users are the real weak spots for security threats.

Some of my previous comments on this:


I forget where I heard this mentioned, but someone explained to me you can connect to multiple databases via the SQL Database Connector. If you wanted a non-code-free solution you could manage all the data in separate remote DBs — this would not exactly be a better approach IMHO. You’d lose all the benefits of Bubble-integrated data while achieving slightly more security through obscurity (even then you have other SQL DBs to manage yourself).

Worst case scenario: you have a solid MVP prototype in hand that can be beta tested on Bubble, and if/when you find traction with your product you could raise funds or self-fund the building of a custom coded app that meets your requirements prior to scaling or making a business out of it.


Dear Philip
Thanks for your fantastic reply.

Im pretty sure the sub apps will be a great route for me now.

When I’m setting up my first one, I may reach out if I have any questions. I hope that’s ok?

Once again thanks very much Philip.