Submit Values from Radio Group Inside Repeating Group

I have two database tables - one table has a list of questions and the other table has a list of the answers that will be displayed in a radio group for each respective answer. Each table has an ID that links the answers with their respective question.

So in the first cell of the repeating group, it’ll show the first question and then there will be a radio group that will display the 6 dynamic answers in a horizonal radio group for that question. There are roughly 50 question and answer pairs that will be populated in this repeating group. Is it possible store the value of each of the radio groups with their respective question in the DB since these questions and answers are dynamically being populated? I’ve trying to figure out a way to do this with custom states and what not, but I haven’t found an effective way as of now to achieve this.

I’m wondering if I would be better off doing a bunch of queries and building out each question/answer pair and not populating them in a repeating group. They way they’ll have their own value that I can select, but a repeating group would be simpler if more questions and answers are added over time. Any help with this would be appreciated!

Depends on how dynamic the questions and answers are. If they are user-defined, generated on the go or user-editable, they’d have to be on the DB.

If it’s a static list of questions and answers, you can use Option Sets to populate them in your Repeating Groups.

I guess you would want to store each user answers to a question under the user - you can do this on the database with a data type in a field under User (a list maybe) that contains a question (Option Set or DB Type) and the user’s answer (Option Set or DB Type).

Hope I understood your situation correctly!

Ranjit from Atomic Fusion