Subscribed second account by mistake

Hey wonder if the community can help. I have one main Bubble account (that i want to keep) and was looking at a second application, but I got set up with another subscription. If I cancel that account will it delete my main account? Don’t need 2 subscriptions but don’t want to delete both tx’

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I am assuming these are two applications in one account. If so, it won’t delete your first app’s subscription. However, they won’t reimburse or do partial-refunds for the ones you will cancel as well :slight_smile: I had to talk to a support with a temper after that kind of a mistake to receive the mistaken subscription as credits back.

Yeah same account so 2 subscriptions one account, but very nervous about deleting anything as I have spent months on the original application. Did you contact Bubble through their Sales Support?

Yes. Good luck.


No surprise that they cannot refund first months sub. TBH I thought I was on a free plan like my first until it got enough substantive traction to warrant a paid sub. Lesson learned. thanks for your advice!