Cancellation of Bubble subscriptions

Anyone got a similar experience or idea.

I do not want to renew my app subscription, so decided to “Delete” the credit card, Bubble does not permit deletion of card. Another option to downgrade after the subscription terms, No way!!

Any idea how to stop further billing after this year…? (Other than cancelling the credit card with bank)

If you cancel it right away you are fine with losing app features right away without refund (stupid concept), or you can tell Siri/Google Assistant to remind you to cancel it right before the last day :joy:

If i missed the renewal date, It will auto renew :slight_smile: . Will keep this topic for sometime for more options or will call the BANK !!!

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Has it always been this way? Last time I cancelled, it would allow me to continue until the end of the term… THEN cancel.

For me it has always just cancelled immediately. Really stupid concept

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When in doubt, call the bank and see if they can issue a chargeback. Or contact bubble and see if they can refund you.

Yeah I think it’s absolutely horrible. When I cancelled everything after this update I saw this too and feel like it’s probably illegal in some countries.

Think about it. We paid for the month. There is no way to cancel the plan without having some of that month wasted.

Bubble poses this as a “choice” that we can wait and cancel later. (Or set a reminder like suggested), but really they force our hand to cancel early. Really really scummy.

Do I really feel the need to pose solutions to bubble as I feel they are incapable of coming up with decent ideas on their own? Yes.

  1. Just let us remove a credit card.
  2. Or let us cancel when our time THAT WE PAID FOR has run out.
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