recurring paypal payment

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Hoping someone’s used this before and figured it out. It’s simple enough to get to the point of accepting payments/subscriptions using this plugin but everything else has me lost.

Basically just trying to figure out how to track when a person cancels a subscription, then can send notifications a week out and lock access if they’re not current on payment.

It looks like the easiest thing might just to be webhook, endpoints, api stuff. New to all this and the video that explains it for subsocket isn’t playing for me.

Anyone got an example i could look at by any chance?

Thank you!

Page @thimo. Also, I think on his contributor page he puts a contact link.


Thank you, sent a message yesterday through the website, just sent email as well.

Yes, the best way to do is to setup webhooks inside the SubSocket dashboard. I think you already had a look at the docs as you refer to the video. Not sure why the video is not playing for you, but this is the link to the video so you can watch it: Untitled (4).mp4 - Google Drive

I just saw your email coming in as well, you can expect a response asap :slight_smile:

Hopefully this helps!

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Thank you! Appreciate your response on both ends.
So others can see my questions and your answers:

What’s the difference between cancelled and suspended?

A suspended subscription can be activated at a later date by you, while a cancelled subscription can’t be activated again and is ‘cancelled’ forever.

If someone cancels a subscription, but still has till the end of the month left, is there a way to track how much time they have left? or an Expiry date of some sort?

You can easily track this yourself in your Bubble app. You will need to save the date the subscription is created and you can calculate the difference with the current date to know when you should lock someone out of your product.

If someone cancels/changes subscription in the customer portal is there a simple way to notify the app or is webhook/endpoints the way to go on this?

I recommend using webhooks for this as this is I think the only secure way to get notified on subscription events. You can easily setup a webhook to your Bubble app. There is a step-by-step guide on how to do that here: Recurring PayPal Payments - SubSocket Bubble Integration

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