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[New Plugin] PayPal Recurring Payments

Hi everyone,

I have published a plugin that lets you integrate PayPal recurring payments in your Bubble app!

PayPal unfortunately doesn’t offer a dashboard like Stripe does, therefore you use the dashboard that I build for to create and manage the PayPal products & plans to be used to setup the subscriptions. No worries, SubSocket is 100% free for this use-case and it allows us to speed up the process immensely! (I will share more details about SubSocket soon)

:arrow_right: Step-by-step documentation:
:arrow_right: Demo page: PayPal Recurring Payments
:arrow_right: Plugin page: PayPal Recurring Payments Plugin | Bubble

Do you have any questions or feature requests? You can reach out to me via the forum or you can send me an email :slight_smile:


Amazing, I believe you found a gap in the market. Managing PayPal like Stripe is a killer combination. You amaze me Thimo :star_struck:

@Thimo Perhaps any chance you can publish your landing page as a template? I really like it.

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Thanks! I will look into the possibility of creating a template of the landing page :slight_smile:

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Can this plugin(or your service) be used with a marketplace?
For example, if I have a marketplace and Mr.A is a seller.
When Mr.A made a sale and I receive a % of that sale?

@nimmarn.c This plugin is for subscriptions only, not marketplaces at this time. Creating a marketplace integration with PayPal requires you to signup as a partner and is therefore not accessible to a lot of people. If this gets accessible I will definitely look into implementing it! :slight_smile:



Hey Thimo, I like your subsocket landing page a lot too. Any update/timeline on this?
I was looking for this template and found a similar template (from you) but that one is from 2019:

I would prefer the one you use for subsocket obviously. Any chance you would upgrade this template in case you publish the subsocket landing page?

P.S. will look into using your PP plugin at some point as an alternative to stripe

Hey @Thimo, this looks epic!

I’ve taken a look around the demo environments backend and have some questions. Can you provide some guidance around the following for me:

1. Can you customise the Paypal subscription button to match the website style? Ideally I’d like to be able to customise the button to match my site, then provide a “powered by Paypal” label under it

2. How would you suggest the workflow functions for checking that a user has an active subscription on login? Granted you can check through your provided workflow action which works when you’ve cancelled the subscription using your “Cancel” button, but does this work the same way if a user cancels via their own Paypal dashboard? In this event how do I ensure that cancelled users do not continue to have access past the next (would be) billing date?

3. During the checkout process does PayPal request the users address? If so, is this viewable in SubSocket for accounting purposes?

4. You mention SubSocket is free for this use case (which is great). Is it likely to stay this way in the future? Building a payment flow based on your tool to then have a key component change like that would be a bit of a kicker.

5. Currently the PayPal checkout launches in a new window. Is it possible to create an embedded checkout?

Thanks in advance as always :slight_smile:


Hi @Thimo
Is there a way to avoid the “Do you want leave the site?” dialog when you try to suscribe to a plan? :pray: