Suddenly nothing displayed in repeating group (though nothing changed)
Hi I’ve set up the repeating group under “camp”
it used to get all the “camps” in database
but for some reason it started to not display anything at all.
I’ve checked all the conditions and workflow, nothing has been set up.
I have no idea why this page shows nothing.

Hey there @nomadinseoul,

When I load the page I get this:

I can’t really tell from looking at the page. Can you provide some screenshots of what you have in your editor?

My typical debugging rules of thumb is:

  1. Check your Privacy Rules as that is always the issue for me for some reason
  2. Check your database to see if there’s any data in the type to begin with

Let me know what you find!

Hey oh wow, that solved. Seems like Privacy settings blocked it somehow. I actually donno how it works. But thanks a lot/

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No problem!

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