Repeating group not showing data from database

I created a repeating group to display data from the database but my browser seems to be blank

Need some more information regarding the data “table” which is not displaying…

If this is your first time on bubble
I suggest you watch this video (Subscribe to Official Bubble channel where you will find lot of tutorials)…

If the data you are showing is from “User table”
Then make sure to check privacy rules…

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I am building a forum that allows people comment, the repeating group for the comment does not display the comment on my browser. But it saves them to the database, it also does not show parent post while saving to the database.

Make sure the “Data Source” is set correct (Also check privacy rules too)…
I developed something related to comments on the “Cars” in the past (Car reviews)…
You can compare it with mine (Hope it helps)…

The text element on the repeating group

Please see a link to my issue

The thing is you need to set the forum2 page “Type content” to “post”
then you can save the post by “current page post”

If you can’t make it or have some confusion
then you can share your editor link, I will fix that…
Just make sure that “everyone can edit” is selected in the “settings” section.

Repeating group not still showing, i even created another page

Hi @aideagency07
I can’t access the editor
Can you go to section “Settings” then Go to Tab “General” & change editor access permission to “Everyone can edit”.