Suggested new Plugin SurveySparrow

Hi All plugin builders.

There is always a need to find a good / user-friendly and affordable survey tool that can grow with us.

After many days of searching the one which stands out for it’s simplicity, adaptability and awesome UI is survey sparrow.

Now I know it has an awesome API webhook documentation, but what would make it easier to implement for clients is a plugin that helps to connect to the backend and even give s us the option to get our sass client on to their own.

E.G. they can drop in their own credentials to access their own survey sparrow account by creating an app to communicate with your SurveySparrow account from within survey sparrow.

And not i have no affiliation what so ever with the app, but thought it was so good that worth sharing.



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Why not just drop in their embed version?

Point being: their API is for deep integration with things like ticketing systems. Even if you set up the entire API, ain’t nobody gonna use that in the admin pages of their Bubble app.

It’s way more trouble to set that up than to just build your own surveys into your own app.

There are lots of things that one shouldn’t bother building into their app (live service chat/Intercom-like functionality/messaging, analytics, advanced support ticketing, advanced blog, etc.), but I don’t necessarily see this as being one of them.

Consider how easy it is: Build your little survey in a reusable. Drop that in your running header. Pop the survey visible whenever you like based on whatever criteria you desire.

On survey submit create a Survey object with all the ratings/answers. Build a lil admin interface to show results.

If you really have a high-traffic/large # of users app, then sure you probably don’t want such objects cluttering up your db, but you’d probably still just use the survey tool’s backend to see your results.

All that being said: I’m sure you could find someone to build out such a plugin, but since the Bubble user base is so small, and this is such a niche add-on area, its not like such a plugin is ever going make a significant amount of money as a commercial plugin, so expect that to be work-for-hire.

(All the above being said, it seems zerocode was looking for new projects, so maybe that’s a route.

I just look at that API and I’m like, “this looks like the opposite of fun.”)

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The use case you describe is not what I am after.

I do have a Bubble enterprise app with an advance survey tool built and works ok, but the performance on bubble servers is average at best.

The app I am building, I don’t intend rebuilding yet another survey tool. The saas will also enable clients to connect with their own survey tool.

I don’t think the complexity of the API is bad at all, have you ever tried SurveyMonkeys API! Now that is like having your finger nails pulled!

I may go the API route, but thought i would throw it out there.


Hi, can you help me understand how you build your survey tool?
I am jest getting started on bubble, and will appreciate your help
Thanks yosef