Form/Survey web app hire $

Hi guys & gals. I need someone to build survey functionality into my bubble site. My thought process was to use Airtable as a database to act as the survey framework (as well as a user database) but I am open to suggestions. The basic flow of events I am looking to create is this:

  • user logs in, goes to their dashboard
  • clicks button to create new survey
  • chooses survey template from drop down menu
  • edits some questions on the survey
  • fills out recipient information, and sends it.
  • automated reminders get sent to the recipient every x days
  • when the recipient completes the survey, the user gets notified via email and can see the results in their dashboard.
    Does this sounds do-able to anyone?

hey @ryan29 this is pretty straight forward and is something that can be completed fairly quickly.
Everything can actually be done right in bubble which would make it easier.
Also another option you have is like me, hire some one to give you one on one lessons and you will learn by building your app. So at the end of it you are able to makes changes to your app yourself.
I think it might be a cheaper option also

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Could integrating be an option?

~ Peter

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That’s a good suggestion. I’ll check that out! Thank you


This relatively new form builder app could also be an alternative

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Good idea, I haven’t come across Tally. Looks like it could be a great option. Thank!

@akiempaul are you able to work on this (I couldn’t tell from your reply) , or do you have any recommendations for someone you’ve worked with?
Thanks again

@ryan29 No sorry I currently have some projects on my hands and don’t have the time. Neither do I have any recommendations (as the person that taught me, my co-worker had somewhat changed career paths).

You can post to the forum and request the service and persons will contact you to give you more info and advise. :wink:

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Ok :+1: thanks for the reply.