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Has anyone looked at or know of anyone who’s used for their apps? Looks like a really awesome way to get an MVP out and start monetizing quickly.

Why choose Paddle over Stripe? Paddle offers 5% + $ 0.50, while Stripe is only 2.9% + $ 0.30.

It looks like you can use Paddle to start collecting payments without being incorporated or having a tax ID, which is kinda a pain for an MVP that may or make not take off.

Just made a basic plugin for it:


It offers a lot more features and specific product orientated checkout systems

That’s fantastic! Thank you!

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Hi, first of all congratulations for the awesome work on this plugin!

Is there any tutorial or videos to teach how to use this plugin? I am not an expert, so any help is appreciated! = )

Thank you very much!!

Is there a way to add checkout parameters through it (namely current user’s email)?