Suggestion and Autocorrect Block Input

Hi guys, I see you could implement a simple, but very useful thing.

IDEA: To implement an option in the input to disable the Autocorrect/Suggestion

It is something simple and possible in Native Apps, and essential for some tasks.

Personally, it’s the only thing that are preventing me to upgrade my account and wrap my bubble. To have this feature is essential for my means.

I see there are other posts asking how to do it, and html blocks aren’t working

Other posts:


A solution for the problem:

You can also use the “page HTML header” in the page editor.

Insert the script there:

window.onload = function() {
   const inputs = document.querySelectorAll('input');

   inputs.forEach(input => {
        input.setAttribute('autocomplete', 'off')
        input.setAttribute('autocorrect', 'off')
        input.setAttribute('autocapitalize', 'off')
	input.setAttribute('spellcheck', false)

With window.onload you make sure that the script is executed when the page is loaded.

Works for me in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Didn’t test it with Internet Explorer


This fixed it for me! Thank you for sharing!

Hi :clap:

Just in case you’re still looking, we have released a plugin that allows you to determine the auto-completion data type of a specific input or deactivate it :slight_smile:

It’s right here