Remove/restrict Autocomplete suggestions on inputs?

Is there an option to remove/restrict autocomplete on inputs in the user’s browser? because I am having this page on mobile I’m developing that is showing a dropdown for autocomplete that hides the keyboard when it is opened on the phone.
And it is an input not a seachbox.

Are you using Bubble native input?
I think you may be able to remove autocomplete by using JS and adding

Or jquery like here

So i should just run this?
$(document).ready(function() {
try {
$(“input[type=‘email’]”).each(function() {
$(this).attr(“autocomplete”, “off”);
catch (e)

If your input field is set to email type, yes it should work I think. But have never tested.
Put this in HTML element with <script> </script> tags around

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ran it as js and it worked!

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Well i guess i was wrong, it still seems to make suggestions, any idea why it doesent work?

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