Suggestions from Fans of the new Pricing Structure

@andrewgassen let me break it down for you:

Here’s how Bubble is marking up outbound API calls (literally one million percent, and actually further):

Here’s how Bubble is marking up AWS lambda executions (upwards of 4.7 million percent, more on lower tier plans):

Here’s what I think about that:


Maybe we should ask Chat GPT 4 to find a solution :crazy_face: ?

I’ve been tracking the work you’ve put in to discovering this. It’s good stuff and insightful! I don’t have anything meaningful to add, but I sure find it interesting to see what happens next week with some of this info.


Salute to the mods having to deal with this. Funnily i got offered a community moderator role a few weeks ago but my gut feeling told me “Takmo!” Means “Don’t do it!” in malay slang.


You should have done it @ihsanzainal84. Of course, there’s room for abuse. When I was given that power, it was later taken from me because I had a habit of nuking “CAD/DMT” posters which were – unbeknownst to me – an important part of Bubble’s profit centers. (The equivalent today would be crypto-bros, “AI” posters, etc.). Welcome to hell.

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I have a simple authentication flow for whenever a webhook from the Plaid API comes in.

It is a simple 10 or so plugin actions that I created which are very, very small little javascript functions to do things like decode JWTs, check when they were signed, etc. I would like to note that this very lightweight work.

Yet somehow, roughly 65% of my usage is coming from that…

This makes no sense :confused: 60% of my usage is coming from running little actions with two lines of code…