Get data out from a repeating group nested inside a repeating group

so here is a RG1 called repeating group 1 (blue one)
now each row of this RG1 has a RG called repeating group 2 (red one)
every RG2 has 4 columns each has a input
now i want when user enter the value in input it should add up all of each row and shown as described in image.
like example in last cell of RG1 where 2+1+4+0 is shown as 7 in RG1

Also in some cases the inputs will be prefilled from database (just show added value) so i just cant use when a input value changed workflow

Your understandings and knowledge is highly appreciated. Kindly show some light to me.

I use this plugin to pull out the input values from the repeating group.

Here’s the documentation: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.


i don’t want to use any paid plugins :sweat_smile:
i am in the free plan
any other solutions please

tried using RG extractor plugin but its showing only last cells added data in all cells.
tried using orchestra plugin but its not made for this

The money you save on avoiding paid plugins is not worth it given the time taken to figure out an alternative solution…unless you have a really low per hour rate.

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money is not a factor here, i know a solution must exists, i have faith in bubble powers , someone other can definitely help

Try using Orchestra (repeating group addon) Plugin | Bubble :slight_smile:

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i tried but it doesn’t seems to work, can you show a demo, i visited their demo page but it shows only when a button is clicked, i want to make sure the additions are done as page is loaded

Its a pretty extensive plugin. It would allow you to run a WF in any or all cells on page load etc, but it takes some time to get it all set up.

They have some good documentation take a read and see how you go. I dont have any instances with this set up atm sorry

Orchestra would work here. Instead of running ‘Trigger musiciane under a Maestra’ on button click, run it in a ‘input is changed’ workflow.

However i actually don’t think this is the easiest solution. Judging from your screenshot, is the Datasource of Repeating group 2 a list of numbers?

This is probably not true. You can use conditionals to manage this without having to add an extra inputs or elements. You can prefill the numbers using the database by changing the RG’s list of numbers, or even by conditionally changing the initial content of the input.

You can then use the workflow trigger ‘Do when input is changed’ and set a custom state to ‘Repeating group 2’s list of numbers: sum’. The custom state would need to be attached to an element in RG1, but not on RG2.

No it’s not a list of numbers but it’s from different columns in db.

This totally goes out of my head can you please elaborate in a easy to understand way.

Actually the user input will not be there all the input will be disabled and by default it will have a number from db.
So RG1 has say users and RG2 has all the inputs related to that particular cell’s user.

Well I tried everything in the plugin but it doesn’t seem to work for my purpose.
The thing is it’s such a simple thing to do I mean just pulling of data from repeating group just calculate it . And still there is no official way to do it I mean this is so sad

RG extractor plugin should have worked for your case

@siddharth it’s not working as expected, it’s returning same data of last row in every row.

It’s because the name of the transmitter and receiver are same for every row. If you carefully see the plugin RG extractor you can find that it has name input in it.
What I mean to say is when you are placing the transmitter element in repeating group 2 , it is exactly the same in all the repeating group 2 , the name of the transmitter will also be same so you need to make the names of the transmitter unique for each repeating group.
And then in the repeating group one you need to make sure that you are putting the same name in receiver element as the corresponding repeating group 2’s transmitter name is.

I think this is the issue because as per your statement the data is repeated for each repeating group 2.

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Yes , thanks it works now !! cheez
As you said i somehow assigned names of all transmitor dynamically and unique and same was done with receiver.

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