Sumif and Sort in a repeating group

I have a Type called “completed”
In that I have a Thing called “name” and a thing called “profit”.

The same “name” shows up multiple times with different “profits” next to it.

I want to build a group that visualizes every “name” profit total and sorts it is descending order.

I also want the name to be automatically put into the list rather than me having to manually add new names as new people come into the thing’s list.

Thank you

We are missing some context to this question making it very difficult to provide assistance.

Please explain what you are trying to do and we can hopefully help you do it.

How are you adding items to the Type ‘completed’?

So I invest in poker players. I am creating a dashboard I want to see how each person is doing, Profit/Loss.

While they are playing tournaments they input the information into an “active” tournament form. Once the tournament is complete, a new entry into the “completed” database is created with the following information.

buy_in, cash, profit, player_name

So what i want to do is create a column that would have the player’s name (without me manually adding each player as new ones come into the group) and then also have their profit/loss next to their name. I guess this would be done in a repeating group?

It would basically be the same thing as in excel filtering a column to only see unique IDs then doing a SUMIF on those unique IDS on the original column’s data

Correct, this would be a repeating group.

  1. Add a repeating group to your page.
  2. Add two text elements to the first row of the repeating group.
  3. Set the repeating group to datatype ‘completed’ and data source to 'search of ‘completed’
  4. For the first text element insert dynamic data - [Current cells completed’s player’s name] and for the second text element insert dynamic data - [Current cells completed’s profit]

Does this make sense?

Sounds like if the player was a Data Type this could be easier and achieved using ‘Groupings’

I think the above would give you the original problem with the same player name being listed many times, instead of a Summed total of each players profit/loss

Correct, I didn’t realize he was trying to combine all data per user.

Yes correct, need to have the Sum of profit by Name, but name needs to not show up multiple times. I will look into this grouping suggestion. Thank you