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Is it possible to make this? (Image)

Is it possible to make this? This data would come from a page with multiple inputs like name, phone, email and date.

Yes, don;t think there is anything there that would be an issue.

A repeating group can display all this. There is a recent topic about alternative colours on rows.

The column sorts can be done using clickable icons that run a workflow that re-sends the data sorted in a different way. You could then have a custom state on the Repeating Group that holds the sort order, and use Conditional formatting to have up arrows and down arrows depending on what you have clicked.


Thank you so very much!

Do you know how you would make the lines in between the columns of words? I tried using a rectangle and just making it a line, but is there a better looking solution?

You can set the borders on the Repeating Group ? I think that is what you want.

Sorry I’m not being clear, is there a way to separate the columns of text? Like the vertical line in between name and phone

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@ccsaah - that’s an interesting question… I use repeating groups on my site, but don’t add the line between, say, Name and Phone… from a better UI perspective. However when I tried to see if I could do what you wanted, I realised there isn’t a straightforward solution than using the rectangle shape and making it a line.

You can put a Group in, then use the right hand border.


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