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Summing Option Sets Values in Repeating Group

Hi Guy’s
I have a repeating group with 6 dropdown inputs in a row. Each is a dynamic value from an option set.

The options set is a series of integers (I understand these are rendered as text which is the issue)

At the end of that RG rows, I want to add/sum the values of all the dropdowns.

I can’t see a way to do this, any ideas appreciated


Hey :wave:

Check this out…
I use it for a while and it is fantastic!


Add a group of type number to your row

Set the data source to be:

Dropdown A’s assessed dropdown value + DropdownB’s assessed dropdown value + Dropdown C’s assessed dropdown value + Dropdown D’s assessed dropdown value

Add a text element inside the number group and set it’s data source to be “parent groups number value”

This should do the trick :grinning:

cmarchan, thanks for the idea!

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