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Summing up a cell in a repeated group

So this is easy if the cell is from the original query, but if I am searching another table I cant sum the searched text cell.

can any one help

Can’t you just summarize field a + field b in rg?
Not sure what you trying to achieve.

Hi Sat_miha
So I have two tables an enquiry table that has a job id in and a payment table that references the job id.
The RG is set to list all the enquires but then a text cell gives a payment for that enquiry. It does this by doing a search in the payment table payment jobid = current cell job id, this gives me the jobs amount. This part works perfectly!
The RG has filter options on it so may show only one category. I then want at the end of the RG to total up the payment column so whatever is shown in the RG is totalled.
hope this now makes better sense