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SuperMarket API


I’m trying to implement SuperMarket API in my WebApp but i’m having a little bit of trouble. I have a basic understanding of API’s and im having trouble connecting the API as all the website has is a URL. (See Below)

My question is how do I properly implement this API in my website to enable me to search from an item through the API and list the results on my website. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

You need to enter the key fields you want to query on in the address:


Use that one if you want to search for Parsley. Plus it looks like you need an api key.

Try using postman to test out the api call first before copying it into Bubble. Then in Bubble you can set the fields you want ItemName so you can tell it what to search for.


Greetings John,

I’ve managed to connect the API, however i’m stuck at this issue below.

Thanks! @john3

@egroceryofficial Looks like it’s returning XML vs JSON which is the default.

So in Bubble Plugins just change the data type dropdown to XML and I think it should work.