📲 Swipe Detector - New Plugin for Bubble (UPDATED 24/10/18)

Hey Bubblers,

Hope you are all having a good day. I just wanted to notify you all of a plugin I recently launched that is waiting for submission to the Bubble plugin store. This plugin enables you to enable workflows for swipes on elements. This is an essential feature in mobile UX.

Special thanks to @seanhoots for helping me out with this plugin.

Plugin page:

Editor & live:


Demo working fine, thanks. :slight_smile:

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Just a note to everyone, this plugin is now available! Updated first post with info.

If this allows me to do the show delete button underneath something like native apps I will definitely be buying this plugin :slight_smile:

If you can do the delete thing I suggest doing It in the demo so we can see how it works. I think it would get more people to buy it for sure.


Yeah, the swipe down action should be able to cover that, and I’ll update the demo!

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Updated the demo @J805 - let me know if you have any more issues.

Not bad. I think it’s prob worth the money. Still trying to get the left part to move to the left when the delete button shows. Not sure how I would go about doing that though. I wish bubble did this natively.

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  • No longer need # before element ID
  • Small bug fixes, should work better in a RG
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Hi @marcusandrews , good job for this plugin that cover my need, but I need your help because I’m having an issue,
when a button is inside a group that is controled by swipping, all the workflows attributed with this button are disabled !!

UPDATE: the new update fixed the bug. thanks.

Please see my reply on the PM.

New updates to the plugin!

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Can you give a little more info on how the threshold and hold work? Should we be inputting pixel length for threshold and milliseconds for hold? I inputted 500 for threshold and it still reacts on a very small flick of the thumb. Was hoping to get more info, thanks!

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I only manage to get the “hold” function to work. When i put the “swipe” action to same elements and everything exakt the samle except for the hold/swipe action nothing happens. I´ve tried the same setting as in the dev. editor too but can´t get it to work. What could I be missing?

Sorry for the late reply. I will get back to you when I get home from work.

Hi @marcusandrews - how do I detect a right swipe? I can’t find this parameter…

I’ve been away for so long this thread never passed my eye. Deep apologies.

Regarding your question, the threshold should change how much ‘thumb’ you need for a swipe. If it’s not doing that, then I will have a look at the code later and fix it.

Could you please explain what’s not working in more detail? Apologies for not responding sooner.

It is an event you can find in the workflow tab.


hey @marcusandrews

Just installed this and have been using. With repeating groups, it seems it defaults the element picked to the first cell, not the cell the action is initiated from. Is there a fix for this?