🔗 URL Actions | New Plugin for Bubble

Hey Bubblers!

I just wanted to let you guys all know about a new plugin I just published on the Bubble plugin store, called URL actions. It allows you to control browser actions, like opening URLs in new tabs, closing them or opening new windows. It’s pretty basic right now, but I hope to improve it later on in the future. Here’s the plugin link:

Here’s a demo page:

You may be wondering how I did the loading effect, don’t worry it’s coming out as a plugin soon :wink:


I think it’s a great concept. The one challenge I’m running into, though, is that the new tab and new popup window get caught by my popup blocker.

I will look into this, as everything seems to be working fine on my side.

My understanding is that opening another tab using javascript results in the browser’s popup blockers catching them which is why Bubble didn’t add that as an option to their workflows/actions.

I believe Emmanuel had commented on this in the forums at one point. My recollection could be wrong, of course. So, perhaps someone who knows can chime in.

If you want me to send a quick screencast or test out a future version, let me know. I’m happy to help.

Hi Marcus, I’ve installed your plug-in and used it to open a pop-up. I’ve got several questions.

First, when the pop-up opens, my Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers ignore the width and height parameters. Chrome and Firefox open a window to the bottom right and Edge opens a window to the top left. Any idea of what is going on there?

Second, I’ve been working with the window.open() method, which has a series of parameters that specify the left and top positions in addition to the width and height. Have you tried implementing the left and top position parameters?

Third, I’ve written a very basic website using HTML and JavaScript in an attempt to utilize all of the window.open() parameters that I need for my app. But, when the site invokes the method, I can only get a new tab, not a new window. I started this effort with the intent of creating a Plugin, but I’d rather use what you created if possible. I’ve inserted the code below for this website. Got any ideas on what is going on such that I only get a tab and not a new window?

Thanks for your help.



Open New Browser Window

Here's a Hard Coded Method Invocation


URL: https://www.organicgrowth.biz

Window Name: organicgrowth

Window Capabilities: menubar=yes,location=yes,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,status=yes

Window Location and Size: left=900,top=20,outerHeight=1000,outerWidth=900

Here's a Parameter Driven Call

The following variables will be on the Admin page

By default, all new windows will have a menu bar, location entry, and scroll bars and will be resizable

New Window Portion of Screen:
New Window Bottom Buffer:
New Window Top Buffer:
New Window Bottom Right:

The following variables will be from the selected web sites for further review

New Window Name:

The following are based on screen dimensions and parms entered above