Swiping to New Page or Item in a Native App

Hi Everyone,

I currently have each user inputting images for their profile. I then add these images to a list and show this list in a repeating group, with a horizontal scroll and 1 column per page. When the user looks at the images, it is a smooth glide between all of the images. How can I make this a swiping feature where it focuses on 1 item of the repeating group at a time? Then the transition to see the next image/item is swiping left or right?

Also, is there any way to swipe too a new page in a native app? Or will each new “Page” have to be a group within a repeating group and have it set up similarly as stated above with a horizontal scroll?

Thanks for the help!


bumping this.
I would like to swipe to next item, since the tinder pile like plugin seems faulty. at least that’s reoccurring feedback from users. it get’s stuck weirdly :thinking:

I guess everyone swiped “left” on this question. :slightly_frowning_face:

I think questions referencing mobile behaviors tend to get overlooked, as Bubble is not intended for building mobile apps. I’m not aware of any swiping capabilities built into the system. Maybe when/if Bubble does a push toward mobile, we’ll hear more. Sorry I’m not help here!

I thougbt someone on here has created a Tinder clone. Wouldn’t that be good example of swiping?

That may be using the tinder pile plugin. Aside from plugins, I’m not sure swipes are possible. I’d happily be proven wrong!