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Multiple image swipe


So I’m making a native mobile app and I want half of my homescreen to display an image and that image will have a shape overlay (opacity 50% for example) and text will be on top of the shape. Now I want the user to be able to swipe horizontally and another set of image, shape overlay and text will be shown. Basically i’ll be selling/explaining the features of the app in each swipe. I probably want to do 3-4 swipes.

How can I do this? Is there an existing example or step-by-step tutorial? Tried to look for it in the forums but couldn’t find any.

Thank you very much.

For swiping images, you can use the Slick Slideshow plugin. However, I believe the elements on top of the slideshow will prevent the swiping action from happening. I’d actually suggest creating the images with the text and faded color outside of Bubble first (like in Photoshop) and then using the designed images in the slideshow to eliminate the text/shape elements.

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@jogo88 Any success on your endeavor?

Hi… I’m around 65% done w/ the app and I gave up with Bubble. I just couldn’t figure out how to do the functions I wanted. I tried getting consultancy from one of the guys here and it was great but continuing with it will just cost me a lot so I decided to stop developing it in Bubble and I’m studying iOS development now…