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Tabulation issue


When I use the tab key on my keyboard to fill the form, it doesn’t jump to the next input. Instead it jumps to one at the bottom of the form. Why is that? How can fix this issue?


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It all has to do with tab-index, and sometimes the way that bubble auto-generates the tab-index can be really weird. I think it has to do with the order in which inputs were created and the way they are grouped together. Not for sure.

Here are some useful forum topics:


You were right. It is in order the inputs were created. I had to cut-paste the inputs but it kills all the workflow data. Had to do it again :frowning_face:

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That stinks and I am sorry… Maybe an idea for the ideaboard would be to expose the Tab-Index on the properties, if that’s even a possibility.

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I feel this pain. It’s a big B sometimes. You’d imagine the tab index would cascade nicely from top down left to right, but noooooooo

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