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TAB Element is not working... visual element and input elements are getting hidden

Hi Everyone… @emmanuel @mishav

I don’t understand if its a bug … or I have done something wrong.
Would somebody help me figure this out…

The Elements are getting hidden in the TAB Element…

I suggest making your app editor setting to allow everyone to view, to help diagnose this.

Good luck!

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Well on the dash board its showing private and on the setting panel its public @mishav

editor link:

Can see it now, not sure why couldn’t before.

I had a very quick look, possibly it is an issue with clicking on an element in the editor automatically bringing it to the front of other elements.

A good way to diagnose is to set a different background colour to the groups, so you can see what is on top.

Good luck!

Thank you very much for your time…well its visible on the UI on some section… i create the tab outside the pop-up and cut-paste in the pop-up… and after that the elements on the TAB ELEMENT disappeared …

We would this problem re-occur… because i do need TAB option for forms… what do you advice @mishav

@NigelG would you suggest something for this

The groups for Tab 2 and Tab 3 have nothing in them as far as I can see. The elements that are labled as being content for these Tabs are not contained in the Group, so won’t show when their group is shown.

I added some text to both Tab 2 and Tab 3 so you can see what is happenning.

So you need to move your Content to the Group it is related to.

@NigelG thank you very much for the help.

Sorry, i am talking about content in Group Step 1… not for the Group Steps 2 or 3

On Group Step 1 … There is group tab … and its not working on the webpage

Ah, Gotcha :slight_smile:

It was maybe because the content group was not inside the tab group, so I moved it a bit (until the border of the tab group went red). And now something shows up. Although not sure if it is the right thing :slight_smile:

@NigelG the table had moved off the content tab so it was showing… i increased the size of the group’s but no progress.

Well the Element TAB i picked doesn’t have a workflow … or may be the element state has something to do.

Please make the final golden touch and help me out… am not familiar with element state’s. the Tab button gets clicked … but the content is not appearing

OK, think it is now working as you want.

I set the state “Group Tab’s currentab” on page load to 1.

Then the various tabs set it to 1/2/3.

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Thanx… if my app program gets a buzz… you will be in India for a vacation … thank you again.

Well may i buzz you to understand the element state better.

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