Bubble isn't working

Is bubble working for you guys? When I load the editor I can’t see the elements that I previously put but they exist because when I preview the app they are there. They simply aren’t loading. It isn’t about the design of my app because I could see everything a day ago and I haven’t changed anything since then.

Hi there, @foraanyas… no issues here. Are the elements set to not be visible on page load? Can you share a screenshot of your elements tree?


Whoops! I am a new bubbler and didn’t realize that you can show and hide elements from the elements tree. Everything is visible now! Thank you so much for your prompt reply. On another note, I was wondering why there isn’t a “collapse group when hidden” option. I am trying to create a tabbing system and am stacking groups one after another and hiding each group depending on url parameters. When I inspect the page there isn’t any group in that space but the group under still isn’t moving up.

Uploading: Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 6.36.55 PM.png…

The Collapse when hidden setting will appear on a group’s Layout tab only when the group’s parent container type is not set to fixed.

Oh I see it now. Thank you so much.

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