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Tab into stripe element

Hi all,
I’m using the stripe.js plugin and using the stripe element. Does anyone know how to tab into it (i.e. I have a input box above it and below it. I want to be able to start in the top input box then hit the tab key to focus the stripe element). As of right now, it just skips over the stripe element and changes focus directly from the first input box to the last input box.

When you continue to press tab does the Stripe element ever get focused?

Thanks for getting back to me. Yah it does. I have about 6 other input boxes and two buttons. It tabs through all of the inputs and the buttons first and then it focuses the stripe element. I inspected the elements and all of them have a tab index in the html tags except for the stripe element. Is the only way to get this to work is to put an html element on the page that adds a tab index to the stripe element?

I’m not sure. There is a free plugin that works pretty well, and just not sure if it would work with the Stripe element itself, but would be worth a try.

The plugin is

OK thanks. I’ll give that a try. Much appreciated.

Just tried it. It doesn’t work with a stripe element. I’ll have to write my own javascript.
Thanks though