Table Element - responsive sizing?

I’m trying to use the new table element.
The tutorials I’ve found so far are calculating a fixed height. I’d really like mine to be responsive and show the number of rows that fits nicely on the users screen and then provides a scrollbar if all the entries don’t fit.
When I dynamically size the table, it never gets a scrollbar - so I get the ‘screen’ scrollbar that makes the full page scroll which defeats the purpose of my floating elements and my sticky headers.

What am I doing wrong? I want the table to have a scrollbar, and the ‘browser’ to never have a scrollbar( I guess unless they resize to something very small.

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So I was able to get this to work, a main problem I had was the debugger on the bottom of the screen was really messing up how my design looked, once I turned off debugger things stated making sense. I have infinite height windows now and I’m getting my scroll bars appropriately. I’ll mark as solved.