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Table Mobile responsiive

Is there any solution for mobile friendly table (repeating group) with many columns in mobile it should be horizontal scrolling.


Hey @zack.gleeson :wave:

I made a page with a few different options that you can look at. It shows different ways to make a repeating group responsive.

Check it out for free here:

Editor: Test805421 | Bubble Editor

Preview: Your Bubble app

All 3 options are possible but I prefer the second one for responsiveness. This was just a quick example, I would normally try to make it look nicer than that too.

Hope that helps! :blush:


For All Your No-Code Education Needs:

You probably need to look into something called “fixed width” in the responsive settings for that element in the responsive tab. There are a few options

  • make it “apply max width” and put it inside a container that has a width either from “fixed width” or a “minimum width”
  • or give each cell a “minimum width”

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