Responsive cell size in horizontal scrolling repeating group

Hello, not sure if I have missed out something but I am trying to perform responsive cell size within a horizontal scrolling repeating group. However it is not able to resize (either shrink or enlarge). I have played around with the fixed width/ minimum width/ max width for the repeating group cell, the page and the contents inside the cell but still no luck. How should I do to make the cell size and their contents responsive? Greatly appreciate for your help!


I just tried and found the cells size are responsive if I mock up with vertical scrolling with 1 row and 3 columns. That is what I am trying to do. Just that it is not horizontal scrolling. Any chance for responsive cell size can be done in horizontal scrolling please?

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mock up apps is created. Thanks for your help!

Did you try to put all the content into a group of fixed size, and then simply put this group into the cell of the repeating group.

Glad to have your reply! Thanks!
I just tried out your suggestion but also no luck…Thanks anyway!

Ah I get what you mean now, but it is doing what it should, after all it is horizontal scrolling, so all that will happen is you need to scroll more for a narrower page.

What you are really asking for is there always to be a minimum number of cells visible.

If you think about it, and take the vertical scrolling, and adjust the browser window’s height, it responds in the same way as if you have a vertical scrolling and adjust the width.

i understand what the propose of it. thought it would be useful and more suitable if I can choose to be able to set horizontal scrolling cells. anyway to make it happen? Or else I have to build two versions (mobile and non-mobile) pages which back to the stage when we don’t have responsive pages in bubble. Thanks again! @emmanuel Is there any method I can set horizontal scrolling cells’ size to be responsive? Thanks!

We don’t offer that unfortunately.

@emmanuel Thanks and I will stick to having mobile version and desktop version. Appreciate your help!

Is this planned? It would be useful for dynamic breadcrumbs.

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