Tailwind.min.css breaking the bbcode of ul and li


I seem to be getting some tailwind.min.css loaded to my pages and that is causing my bbcode markup of ul and li failing as that css file has some css rule that makes bullet points disappear.

I wonder if Bubble itself is adding it natively or if some plugin. And if some plugin, then which one.

Is there a good way to figure that out instead of having to uninstall each plugin one by one?


List the plugins and well try to help

Sure here it is. I know that this plugin list is long and I ought to remove some of these. But then checking exactly which plugins am I using is a big exercise in itself. Also, some plugins I have added to keep track of them as I might be using them in some time.

Do you have a link to a page that it’s happening on? Inspecting the dev tools should reveal where it’s coming from.

Original page was a complex one. Here I have made a blank page for testing this. You can check this one.


Hey @lantzgould . Did you have a chance to look at this page?

Sorry @mghatiya, I wasn’t able to.