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Taking payments and "skimming off" a commission

How would one go about creating a payment system that includes commission for the site creator?
For instance, if Person A sells a Widget to Person B for £1.10 on my site, Person A gets £1 from the sale and £0.10p goes into my account? How is this done? Is it horribly complicated? Or maybe there’s some software or a plug in that will do it for me?
If anyone can nudge me in the right direction, I’d be very grateful.
All the best

Stripe Connect is designed exactly for this purpose (although plenty of other payment processors have similar features).

Online marketplace payments | Stripe Connect

There are several Stripe plugins available in Bubble that make it super easy, but if you want more control then learn how to use Stripe’s API so you can manage everything yourself.

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Thank you ever so much. I had no idea where to start but your suggestion sounds like you’ve hit the bullseye with the first shot. Magic!
Have a wonderful day!

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